Saturday, March 31, 2007


The most powerful social networking script datecomm. The BEST Functions of all the social network sites combined in 1 script.

Members can customize / personalize profile
play music from band / album profile
link music n video from profile
upload pictures
invite any friends to join your network
Create groups with different access levels, members can chat in public rooms or in private rooms.
Create Forums
Write Testimonials (must be a friend)
Find a date
Find an apartment
Make a new friend
Buy or sell something
Find a job
Connect with lost friends
Expose music
Connect with bands / artists
Promote venues / events
Create business relationships
Find auditions
Search engine friendly URLs

Don't be fooled buy free outdated dating scripts / software with hidden fees converted to social networking, for a social networking site you need a social networking script / software. We do not use Zend encoding that stops you from editing the script.

MySpace sold for $580 million last year. Face book is looking for about $2 Billion!!!

Latest News
datecomm social networking script Updated to version 2.2
Rent our Social Networking Script datecomm or any script FOR only $40 per month WITH HOSTING!!!
datecomm social networking script was $330 now only $220 per single license
Credit cards can now use paypal without being a paypal member. 100% Secure paypal or 2co servers.